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Dean Fisher was selected as one of the finalist for the 2013 Paul S. Coakley Religious Educator of the Year.  He is very devoted to his students, in the classroom, in the parish at Saint Peter’s and in the community of Woodward. He has been teaching fifth grade students for 15 years and believes that a strong foundation in the Catholic faith should start at an early age. Fisher is very committed to a daily prayer routine and regularly begins his day by reading scriptures. He passes this practice to his fifth grade students in class. Each week in class, the students write their prayers on slips of paper. The slips are folded into a paper prayer chain and the chain is hung on a large wooden cross. The chain grows each week and, at the end of the year, the students celebrate with a ritual by carrying the cross outside and burning the chain in a fire pit, symbolizing their prayers rising up to God. “Dean continues to set an example as a devoted Catholic,” said his nominator. “His service to his parish shines in many ways. Dean is chairman of the Extraordinary Ministers of the Eucharist and takes communion to the homebound himself. He serves on the Finance Council and volunteers many hours to keep the St. Peter’s campus and facilities in top shape. And with his students, he continuously invites the youth to accept ownership of their Catholic faith, to be involved and to keep the Catholic faith alive.”


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