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 St. Peter Church is taking advantage of the technology of the Internet to help our parish save time and money, and in-turn help us serve you better. Through a service called ConnectNow Giving, we are accepting regular and special contributions via the Internet.
With ConnectNow Giving, you can use a credit card or checking account to:
Contribute safely, simply and automatically to parish collections
Benefit from credit card rewards such as airline miles and cash rebates
Save time writing checks
View or print contribution reports at any time.
We all benefit from ConnectNow Giving because administrative costs are greatly reduced. There’s no need to process donations, key transactions, or print envelopes and statements. The bottom line is our parish saves time and money each year. And that helps us serve you better.
Registration is a simple matter of logging on to the LINK below:

for an easy registration process. If you do not have internet access, see the Church Office for a registration card.
No gift is too small.
Thank You for supporting OUR Church.
Would you like to be involved with yor church? We need help in different areas. If you would like to help, please contact us.