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The Abuse of Minors Pastoral Response Hotline: 1-405-720-9878

Toll-Free Child Abuse & Neglect Hotline for all counties: 1-800-522-3511

Archdiocesan Web Site: www.catharchdioceseokc.org

Additional information about the Abuse of Minors policy and using the Hotline Number (English and Spanish)

Safe Environment 

The Catholic Church in Northwest Oklahoma is committed to providing a safe environment for everyone who comes to the parish and we work diligently to ensure that all staff and those volunteers who have regular contact with children have undergone safe environment training, background and reference checks.


To be in full compliance with the Safe Environment office, each employee and those volunteers who have regular contact with children must complete each of the following and have the information on file.

 •   Attend a Safe Environment Training seminar

 •   Application for Employment or Volunteer Services

 •   From your Application, both a local and nationwide background check will be run.

 •   A Statement of Receipt and Agreement to abide by the Code of Conduct must be signed.

 •   Three Reference forms must be on file

(The Volunteer Application and Code of Conduct may be accessed at the Archdiocesan website.


If you have any questions regarding the safe environment training program, please contact the Safe Enviornment Facilitator at 580-256-2966.

  Safe Environment Training Schedule  

Safe Environment Volunteer Training is required for all those involved in ministries with youth, elderly or those who are vulnerable. Please contact Safe Environment Facilitator at 256-2966 to schedule training.




Statewide Child Abuse Reporting Hotline

Archdiocesan Pastoral Response Hotline  

Archdiocesan Code of Conduct 

Archdiocesan Policy Regarding Abuse of Minors 

Procedures for Reporting Child Abuse and Neglect  

USCCB Charter for the Protection of Children and Young People 

Promise to Protect, Pledge to Heal  


Link to the Archdiocesan Website 

Link to the Office of Child and Youth Protection with the USCCB  

Would you like to have a Mass said in memory of a loved one, in thanksgiving or for prayers answered? A $10 stipend is recommended for each mass. Call the Parish Office.